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Word of advice

Posted: 31.3.08 21:07
by me
If you want people to actually like your server, you might want to tell the admins not to gag people for complaining about the map. If Manu wants to take my complaining about a map he did not create nor change the server to personally, then he can go jab himself with the huge stick already up his arse. I was seriously considering adding your server to my favorites list (it's nice to have a fun server that isn't always full and has fun players), but tell me... why should I bother? There's 10,000 other servers out there, and I'm pretty sure the majority don't gag players for whining about the current map. Image

Posted: 31.3.08 22:24
by Jaken
Thanks m8, sure m8

Posted: 1.4.08 02:05
by Kuntsi
Failure to acknowledge server rules will result in immediate mute, kick and/or ban.
Please read the rules in advance when participating in gaming actions regarding the PRESSURIZER Team Fortress(R) 2 video game server.
Thank you for your feedback.