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Tampere Visited

Posted: 26.2.17 01:38
by Kuntsi
The SpeakEasy wings of this instance were very hot but we managed to down them with the good amount of beer potions. We also tried some other instances but it was a wipe. Even the well fed buff from the hot wings and pancakes did not help us.
Double-DKP goes to Arquette, Benettos, Enkelie, Jessyan, Juurikas, Kristal, Lily/Siara, Liriel, Mandelbrot, May, Morgur, Palluemel, Spekuvarvas, Thororin and Zórro.

Grats to Ernos for his epic land mount! It is very fast.
More pictures here.
Due to unfortunate camera shortage there is not very much evidence. (Which is a very good thing.)