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It just wont stay dead...

Posted: 28.2.17 20:19
by Izaac
And we are back from a bit longer 'pause'...
Back in action on Elysium PvP realm, playing vanilla WoW, with some new and some old faces in the guild. MC and Ony cleared, eagerly waiting for more content to be released!

Still a few spots left in the raid core, especially healers needed! Apply Here!

P.S. As the older faces might have noticed, the website and loot system has undergone a major update and facelift. Huge thanks to our übermaster Kuntsi for an awesome job!

Re: It just wont stay dead...

Posted: 11.5.17 21:06
by Ihq
Ai vähä WOWi hommii taas :clap: