Naxx cleared!

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Naxx cleared!

Post by Joozah » 11.1.21 02:24

We cleared Naxxramas on our first raid day on 6.12.2020, without any wipes. Good job all!
In Classic WoW, <Blood Pressure> as a guild has reached and exceeded all the goals we had for the game. Shoutout to everyone who has been part of our Classic journey and contributed towards it.
Some notable "achievements" we managed to do along the way:
  • All Classic progress raids completed without any raid wipes
  • Rank 1 execution logs from MC
  • Rank 1 execution logs from BWL
  • Rank 1 execution logs in AQ40
  • Rank 1 and rank 2 execution logs in AQ40 held at the same time, when we were still doing split runs
  • Rank 1 execution logs in Naxxramas
  • Still no raid wipes in Naxxramas!
Even though the game is over in Classic, Naxx farming and TBC preparation continues... Stay tuned!
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