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Naxx cleared!

Mon 11.1.2021 02:24 by Joozah0 comments
We cleared Naxxramas on our first raid day on 6.12.2020, without any wipes. Good job all!
In Classic WoW, <Blood Pressure> as a guild has reached and exceeded all the goals we had for the game. Shoutout to everyone who has been part of our Classic journey and contributed towards it.
Some notable "achievements" we managed to do along the way:
  • All Classic progress raids completed without any raid wipes
  • Rank 1 execution logs from MC
  • Rank 1 execution logs from BWL
  • Rank 1 execution logs in AQ40
  • Rank 1 and rank 2 execution logs in AQ40 held at the same time, when we were still doing split runs
  • Rank 1 execution logs in Naxxramas
  • Still no raid wipes in Naxxramas!

Even though the game is over in Classic, Naxx farming and TBC preparation continues... Stay tuned!

Did someone say...

Fri 21.2.2020 12:02 by Joozah0 comments
Congrats to Zei for getting the guild and realm first Thunderfury!

First R14 in Classic!

Sun 9.2.2020 12:53 by Izaac0 comments
Congratulations to our first Grand Marshal in WoW Classic, Lootus!

Kel'Thuzad Dead!

Tue 8.5.2018 11:08 by Izaac0 comments
Awesome job everyone!

Four Horsemen Down!

Mon 7.5.2018 00:59 by Izaac0 comments
First night in Naxx, Four horsemen down!

Thunderfury #2!

Mon 16.4.2018 19:15 by Joozah0 comments
Three weeks before Naxxramas launch we finally got lucky enough to get the 2nd binding from Baron Geddon! Big grats to the tiny legendary gnome tank, Minso!

C'thun down, AQ40 Clear!

Mon 5.2.2018 22:32 by Izaac0 comments
After extensive 'AQ bible' studying and sheet interpreting, AQ40 cleared! Good job everyone!

Viscidus First Kill!

Mon 5.2.2018 14:03 by Izaac1 comment
About 12 years since Blood Pressure started raiding AQ... Finally it's dead!
(It really is the first kill of this boss for the guild)

Rise, Thunderfury!

Thu 9.11.2017 01:45 by Joozah0 comments
Tonight, after a BWL run with shit loot we managed to snatch some orange thing from Baron Geddon...
... And this is what happened right after killing this big bad elemental lord in Silithus. It was fun, and now we are very much looking forward to doing this again. Fingers crossed Minso!

Blackwing Lair cleared!

Wed 26.7.2017 12:11 by Joozah0 comments
Nefarian kill 24.07.2017

We managed to kill Nefarian on the first week of BWL on Elysium. With patience and dedication, we even managed to beat the hardest extra bosses: Server Lag and Bugged Raid IDs. Good job everyone!

New Grand Marshal (Déjà vu...)

Wed 14.6.2017 21:16 by Findor0 comments
Congratulations to our first Grand Marshal, Izaac! Why does this sound so familiar?

Some PvP going on here...

Thu 11.5.2017 19:34 by Findor0 comments
This lousy bunch is starting to look like a premade: plenty of fists in the air and there is even a few helmets in the mix. Seems like we are on our merry way "kevyesti läpsytellen" to those Rank14s.

It just wont stay dead...

Tue 28.2.2017 20:19 by Izaac1 comment

And we are back from a bit longer 'pause'...

Ragnaros first kill 21.02.2017. Good job all!

Back in action on Elysium PvP realm, playing vanilla WoW, with some new and some old faces in the guild. MC and Ony cleared, eagerly waiting for more content to be released!

Still a few spots left in the raid core, especially healers needed! Apply Here!

P.S. As the older faces might have noticed, the website and loot system has undergone a major update and facelift. Huge thanks to our übermaster Kuntsi for an awesome job!

Sexiest Character in the Universe

Sun 1.8.2010 by Yanone2 comments
Enough said...

Mökki '10

Sat 17.7.2010 by Enkeli0 comments
Hell yeah!
... Also in the news; warlock, paladin and shaman spots are soon available to recruiting...

Little break

Sat 19.6.2010 by Yanone0 comments

We are having summer vacation as usual 06/06/2010 - xx/xx/2010

Fail of the Lich king

Sun 14.2.2010 by Yanone0 comments
It was definitely a clean kill.


Sun 10.1.2010 by Yanone0 comments
This wasn't Einstein

No Wipes This Time

Sun 25.10.2009 by Morgur0 comments
Behold the power of hangover raid! Quatro Stagione also known as four times "Tribute to insanity" soothens the resurrection sickness of tired meeters.

Tampere Hard Mode

Sat 24.10.2009 by Kuntsi0 comments
Once again, Blood Pressure dares to raid Tampere. Twenty-one brave adventurers started by descending into the Hot Wing of Speakeasy dungeon. Stacking extra hot debuff was barely healed by excess of beverages.
Next event of the raiding schedule was to visit American Diner for desserts. Maexxna had taken control of this dungeon and we decided to confront it with a 10-man group.
By stacking pancakes and beer we were victorious.
Finally we visited Plevna Tavern which ended in a complete wipe.
Resurrection sickness was going to be inevitable...

Anub'arak Down (25-player Hard Mode)

Sun 4.10.2009 by Morgur0 comments
Insect problem solved... just when we lost count on <5% wipes.

Big Bang

Wed 26.8.2009 by Yanone0 comments
We are back from summer vacation. Twenty-five beer bellies defeated Algalon the Observer with the power of well fed buff from sausages.


Fri 10.7.2009 by Enkeli0 comments
Nuff said.

Yogg-Saron Down!

Sun 19.4.2009 by Kuntsi0 comments

Ulduar is now cleared. Next week we will be focusing on hard modes.

Tampere Visited

Sun 25.1.2009 by Kuntsi0 comments
The SpeakEasy wings of this instance were very hot but we managed to down them with the good amount of beer potions. We also tried some other instances but it was a wipe. Even the well fed buff from the hot wings and pancakes did not help us.
Double-DKP goes to Arquette, Benettos, Enkelie, Jessyan, Juurikas, Kristal, Lily/Siara, Liriel, Mandelbrot, May, Morgur, Palluemel, Spekuvarvas, Thororin and Zórro.Grats to Ernos for his epic land mount! It is very fast.

More pictures here.
Due to unfortunate camera shortage there is not very much evidence. (Which is a very good thing.)

New Layout!

Sun 11.1.2009 by Kuntsi0 comments

The results of hours of hard coding and designing are finally here! Visuals are now way more impressing and the code itself is more sophisticated with nicer URLs and clearer interface.

10man Sartharion Down with 3 Drakes!

Thu 4.12.2008 by Kuntsi0 comments
After several hours of wipeing and dodging void zones, Sartharion and his three little friends were finally killed by ten brave adventurers with elevated blood pressure. This time Arquette was favored by the BP-non-raid-use-item loot system (also known as the Blizzard Random Number Generator).

25man Sartharion Down with 3 Drakes

Mon 1.12.2008 by Kuntsi0 comments
Was it incredible luck or authority of a raid leader? No one knows. Nevertheless, enjoy your new drake, Ernos/Palluemel.

Muru Down

Tue 9.9.2008 by Kuntsi0 comments

Eredar Twins Down

Wed 14.5.2008 by Kuntsi0 comments
Thanks to Grand Warlock Alythess for the extra epic.

Felmyst Down

Tue 8.4.2008 by Kuntsi0 comments
Dancing lessons from Heigan took him by surprise.

Chain Links of the Tumultuous Storm
Boots of the Malefic
Lightbringer Stompers
Skyshatter Boots

Fig.2 Another viewpoint of the kill picture.

Brutallus... Ded...

Mon 31.3.2008 by Kuntsi0 comments
See more detailed battle report (in finnish).
Wings were not the only things he lost.
ps. Good work with the screenshot, Ernos!

Heart of the Pit
Onslaught Waistguard
Thunderheart Waistguard
Slayer's Belt

Kalecgos Down

Thu 27.3.2008 by Kuntsi0 comments
See more detailed battle report (in finnish).
Sathrovarr does not bother him anymore.

Pantaloons of Calming Strife
Onslaught Wristguards
Lightbringer Wristguards
Skyshatter Bands

Game Over

Tue 18.12.2007 by Felissa0 comments
After four weeks of intensive raiding Illidan got some problems with high blood pressure and died. Sunwell we await thee.

And now some amusement from Trade Channel:
[2. Trade] Leopold: serpent is an i win button :(
[2. Trade] Tappe: he is like kungen2
[2. Trade] Tappe: serpents tears could cure cancer, too bad he never cries

Vestments of Absolution
Shroud of Absolution
Crystal Spire of Karabor
Stormrage Signet Ring

It Just Won't Stay Dead!

Fri 23.11.2007 by Kuntsi0 comments

Disregard the previous news item. We are back in business raiding instances and breeding drama from now on.

Out of Business

Sat 15.9.2007 by Morgur0 comments
We have been out of raiding business for some time now and we are not expecting to do a serious comeback within the World of Warcraft.

Still, worry not! If the Light itself isn't against us, you'll be hearing about the worlds fastest frag... progressing guild soon enough. ;)

Kangaslampi Visited

Fri 20.7.2007 by Morgur0 comments
It was a wipe. Definitely.

Lady Vashj Down

Tue 3.7.2007 by Kuntsi0 comments
After some serious slacking from our part, Vashj is finally washed out of her domain.

Deathmantle Helm
Destroyer Greathelm
Krakken-Heart Breastplate
Vestments of the Sea-Witch

Hydross Dehydrated

Thu 26.4.2007 by Kuntsi0 comments
We made him stable.

Robe of Hateful Echoes

Magtheridon Down

Wed 4.4.2007 by Kuntsi0 comments
Months behind, Magtheridon is grinded to sausage.

loot: Warbringer Chestguard, Aegis of the Vindicator, Glaive of the Pit


Gruul Gone

Mon 5.3.2007 by Kuntsi0 comments
The faulty faced ogre bites the dust.

Bloodmaw Magus-Blade
Aldori Legacy Defender
Voidheart Leggings

Doomed Doom Lord Kazzak

Mon 12.2.2007 by Morgur0 comments
Outdoor season opened.

Loot: Exodar Life-Staff and Ripfiend Shoulderplates.

Maulgar Mangled

Sun 4.2.2007 by Kuntsi0 comments
Our first 25man experience.

Maulgar's Warhelm - Frozen
Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender - Izaak
Dilapidated Cloth Belt - Diamondtrim

Thaddius Down!

Mon 16.10.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Abomination wing cleared.

Loot: Dreadnaught Helmet, Frostfire Circlet and The Castigator

We Had a Busy Evening...

Mon 18.9.2006 by Morgur0 comments
With these little friends.

Itchy Bitchy Spider...

Tue 5.9.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Spider Wing cleared.

Naxxramas Visited

Mon 14.8.2006 by Morgur0 comments
The Light has once again shown its strength in Dread Citadel Naxxramas. First undead to fall under exorcism was Anub'Rekhan.

Back from Holidays!

Tue 25.7.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Yep, Blood Pressure is back from holidays. We had some struggle against huge mosquitos of finnish summer, but we managed to beat them back.

Blood Pressure Down by Baron Geddon

Wed 10.5.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments
Today, 10th of May, Blood Pressure wiped at Baron Geddon. Last 10 people had a really good struggle to the last percents but unnoticed Living Bomb finished it all.

Loot: 160g (repairing costs)

Some Exploring

Sun 30.4.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments

We had some fun with exploring the game content.

Unveiling the secrets of the Caverns of Time and the "outlands": The ultimate samoilu of the three extreme explorers.

Blackwing Lair FINNISHed

Tue 18.4.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Three weeks after the depths of the Molten Core, the top half of Blackrock Mountain is conquered.

The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Visited

Tue 11.4.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Today we took a hour off from BWL.

New Feature: Event Manager

Sat 25.3.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments

Beta version of the event manager has been released. All planned features aren't there yet, but the core works. Check it out!

Also wishlist and profile editing have undergone some changes.

Molten Core Finished

Wed 22.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments

Ragnaros down, finally. Took two visits to kill him. :<

loot: Dragonstalker's Legguards, Leggings of Transcendence, Malistar's Defender, Choker of the Fire Lord

Blackwing Lair Visited

Tue 21.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments

Razorgore is gone. Now we need to kill Ragnaros to get things to a normal priority order. :/

loot: Stormrage bracers, Dragonstalker's bracers, Gloves of Rapid Evolution

The Great Wyrm is Slain!

Sun 12.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments

Today Blood Pressure downed Onyxia with a 32 man raid. The kill succeeded on a first "try", which seems to become a habit. We also visited Molten Core for the first time and cleared it to Garr and killed him. Without any wipes, naturally. Great job everyone!

Loot: Judgement Crown, Halo of Transcendence, Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire

New Feature: Wishlist Creation

Thu 9.3.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments

You can make your loot wishlists now, go create one immediately. More features regarding wishlists will be online soon.

New Grand Marshal

Wed 8.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Today it happened, after long and hard work Izaak achieved his rank 14, Grand Marshal. He has now reached first standing 4 weeks in a row. Great job! /salute Izaak.

Forums Operational

Wed 8.3.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments

Forums are online. Charge there and make an account.

Be warned however, this might be merely a temporary solution, which means, if forums are moved, all posts may not survive.

The Ahn'Qiraj Opening Event

Tue 7.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments

Blood Pressure visited the AQ opening event. It was laggy, it was messy, but it was fun! We also managed to gather nice amounts of reputation and some items.

Loot: Lady Maye's Pendant, Cloudkeeper Legplates, Sash of Mercy

Hakkar Downed by Blood Pressure

Sat 4.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Blood Pressure downed Hakkar on it's third day of existence, between Arathi Basin queues and on a first try. Good job everyone.

Loot: Warblade of the Hakkari, Cloak of Consumption

Blood Pressure Is Now a Guild!

Fri 3.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments

A lot has happened, people from Contested Territory, The Unforgiven Warriors and The Righteus Crusade has left their guilds and formed a new guild, Blood Pressure. We are waiting for more experienced finnish players to join, so we can start raiding seriously.

Week 9: New Marshal

Wed 1.3.2006 by Morgur0 comments
Now it was Samooja's turn to reach the honorable rank of Marshal. Soon we will have our own Nyman!

New Feature: Profile Editing

Sat 25.2.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments

At last, code for profile creating/editing is now finished and implemented. To create/edit a profile, you have to have an account; in case you want one, ask Kuntsi.

New Homepage Online

Fri 24.2.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments
The beta version of Blood Pressure homepage has been opened. Many planned features are still missing but this version should give a good overview of what these pages will contain.

New features: account system, profiles and chat.

Blood Pressure...

Sun 12.2.2006 by Kuntsi0 comments

Some prehistoric stuff from the first version of these pages. (in finnish)

Sivujen prealphabetaversio on valmis. Lisään tähän ominaisuuksia sitä mukaan ku kerkeän niitä tekemään tai tarvetta on. Ainakin pelaajaprofiileja, jonkin sortin tiedotusjärjestelmää ja graafiikkaa on jossain vaiheessa tulossa. Tarkoitus olisi loppujen lopuks vääntää nämä sivut englanniksi.

PVP on päätarkoitus, mutta outdoor raid bossien tappamistaki vois järkätä. Kyllä pitäs tältä porukalta onnistua. Lisäinfoa seuraa kunhan joku jaksaa sitä kirjottaa.


Recruitment Status

Druid Open
Hunter Closed
Mage Closed
Paladin (holy) Open
Priest (holy) Open
Priest (shadow) Open
Rogue Closed
Warlock Open
Warrior (dps) Open
Warrior (tank) Closed

Highly skilled players of all classes are always considered, regardless of the current Recruitment Status.

Do not hesitate to throw in an application!

Apply Here!

About Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure was founded in 2006 in retail Vanilla by a PvP premade group on Trollbane-EU realm. Since Vanilla, BP raided actively until Cataclysm with a semi-hardcore mentality.

The guild was refounded in 2017 on Lightbringer Vanilla private server (former Elysium) which was the biggest private server after Nostalrius. On Lightbringer Blood Pressure cleared all Vanilla raid content and was active in the PvP scene (multiple rank 14s), also participating in raid vs raid matches without suffering a single defeat in them.

In WoW Classic, the guild leadership consists of veteran players, all of which have played since retail Vanilla. The majority of the Classic core raid team has played in Blood Pressure on Lightbringer or earlier stages. We also have some fresh blood onboard, since the guild is running two 40-man raid rosters.