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BloodPressure is recruiting:

  • Good players

High skilled players from other classes are also welcome.

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We recruit only finnish speaking players.

About Blood Pressure

BloodPressure is a hardcore World of Warcraft raiding guild and a Finnish social community. We act at the realm Trollbane.

We play Team Fortress 2 also.


Sexiest Character in the Universe

1.8.2010 - Yanone

Enough said..


Mökki '10

17.7.2010 - Enkeli

Hell yeah! ... also in news, warlock, paladin and shaman spots are soon available to recruiting...


Little break

19.6.2010 - Yanone

We are having summer vacation as usual 06/06/2010 - xx/xx/2010


Fail of the Lich king

14.2.2010 - Yanone

It was definitely a clean kill. (click the image)



10.1.2010 - Yanone

This wasn't Einstein


No Wipes This Time

25.10.2009 - Morgur

Behold the power of hangover raid! Quatro Stagione also known as four times "Tribute to insanity" soothens the resurrection sickness of tired meeters.


Tampere Hard Mode

24.10.2009 - Kuntsi

Once again, Blood Pressure dares to raid Tampere. Twenty-one brave adventurers started by descending into the Hot Wing of Speakeasy dungeon. Stacking extra hot debuff was barely healed by excess of beverages.

Next event of the raiding schedule was to visit American Diner for desserts. Maexxna had taken control of this dungeon and we decided to confront it with a 10-man group.

By stacking pancakes and beer we were victorious.

Finally we visited Plevna Tavern which ended in a complete wipe.

Resurrection sickness was going to be inevitable...


Anub'arak Down (25-player Hard Mode)

4.10.2009 - Morgur

Insect problem solved...just when we lost count on <5% wipes.


Big Bang

26.8.2009 - Yanone

We are back from summer vacation. Twenty-five beer bellies defeated Algalon the Observer with the power of well fed buff from sausages.



10.7.2009 - Enkeli

Nuff said.


Yogg-Saron Down!

19.4.2009 - Kuntsi

Ulduar is now cleared. Next week we will be focusing on hard modes.


Tampere Visited

25.1.2009 - Kuntsi

The SpeakEasy wings of this instance were very hot but we managed to down them with the good amount of beer potions. We also tried some other instances but it was a wipe. Even the well fed buff from the hot wings and pancakes did not help us.

Double-DKP goes to Arquette, Benettos, Enkelie, Jessyan, Juurikas, Kristal, Lily/Siara, Liriel, Mandelbrot, May, Morgur, Palluemel, Spekuvarvas, Thororin and Zórro.

Grats to Ernos for his epic land mount! It is very fast.

More pictures here

Due to unfortunate camera shortage there is not very much evidence. (Which is a very good thing.)


New Layout!

11.1.2009 - Kuntsi

The results of hours of hard coding and designing are finally here! Visuals are now way more impressing and the code itself is more sophisticated with nicer URLs and clearer interface.


10man Sartharion Down with 3 Drakes!

4.12.2008 - Kuntsi

After several hours of wipeing and dodging void zones, Sartharion and his three little friends were finally killed by ten brave adventurers with elevated blood pressure. This time Arquette was favored by the BP-non-raid-use-item loot system (also known as the Blizzard Random Number Generator).


25man Sartharion Down with 3 Drakes

1.12.2008 - Kuntsi

Was it incredible luck or authority of a raid leader? No one knows. Nevertheless, enjoy your new drake, Ernos/Palluemel.


»Wrath of the Lich King»

13.11.2008 - [notice]

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King released.


Muru Down

9.9.2008 - Kuntsi



Eredar Twins Down

14.5.2008 - Kuntsi

Thanks to Grand Warlock Alythess for the extra epic.


Felmyst Down

8.4.2008 - Kuntsi

Dancing lessons from Heigan took him by surprise.

Another viewpoint of the kill picture

[item]Chain Links of the Tumultuous Storm[/item]
[item]Boots of the Malefic[/item]
[item]Lightbringer Stompers[/item]
[item]Skyshatter Boots[/item]

Brutallus... Ded...

31.3.2008 - Kuntsi
See more detailed battle report (in finnish).

Wings were not the only things he lost.

ps. Good work with the screenshot, Ernos!

[item]Heart of the Pit[/item]
[item]Onslaught Waistguard[/item]
[item]Thunderheart Waistguard[/item]
[item]Slayer's Belt[/item]

Kalecgos Down

27.3.2008 - Kuntsi
See more detailed battle report (in finnish).

Sathrovarr does not bother him anymore.

[item]Pantaloons of Calming Strife[/item]
[item]Onslaught Wristguards[/item]
[item]Lightbringer Wristguards[/item]
[item]Skyshatter Bands[/item]
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